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Shanghai Jannock Mechanics specialize in Tipper Tie machines and consumable products in China, including manufacturing, integration, technical support and after sales service. It is a subsidiary of Jannock Limited.
Jannock Mechanics has offices in US, Europe and Asia to synq with Tipper Tie and offer fast service to local customers. We focus to provide customer leading technology, top quality products and compatible cost, and become a win-win solution provider.
Tipper Tie is a subsidiary of Dover Corporation, a Fortune 500 company, mainly focuses processing and packaging solution in food, chemical and explosive industries.
Tipper Tie has plants in US, Germany, Switzland, manufacturing various machines and consumable like clippers, choppers, emulsifiers, stuffers, clips and hangers. Company has 140 years experience, continues to improve and renovate, provide cutting edge technology and quality machines to customers. As a leader in process and packaging industry, we are recognized by many Chinese customers, such as Shuanghui, Yurun, Baodi and Hormel in meat processing, also including Yingguang and Jiulian in explosive industry. We believe our technology and service will continue to bring Chinese customer successful solution in future.
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